Academy of Digital Arts and Xneelo join forces to take students live

One of our founding principles at the Academy of Digital Arts is the importance of real-world, practical experience in achieving positive learning outcomes. Now, thanks to a new partnership with one of South Africa’s most reputable and reliable hosting companies, Xneelo, we are taking that real-world experience one step further for our students.

In the digital industry, there are numerous elements that contribute to a successful project outcome. Inspiration and creativity are part of it, but so are proper implementation and deployment. This is particularly true for website development, where taking sites live through hosting providers is where a lot of the magic happens.

Of course, for students without access to real-world business budgets, hosting costs have always been a stumbling block in the path to taking projects and portfolios live. Having built a very positive working relationship with Xneelo in the Academy of Digital Arts’ own agency and hosting projects, we approached their team to discuss ways in which they might help our web design and development students overcome this financial obstacle.

Needless to say, Xneelo brought their A-game to the table. We are extremely proud and grateful to be able to announce that every Academy of Digital Arts web student will now enjoy a 1-year free hosting package, courtesy of Xneelo.

Not only will this ease the financial burden on our learners, it will also enable them to put their best foot forward with live portfolios at graduation time. They will also be able to familiarise themselves with one of South Africa’s most popular hosting companies. We have every confidence that the relationships built during this partnership will benefit our students long into their future careers, ensuring they leave our doors ready to contribute proven skills to the digital industry.

Our thanks go to the team at Xneelo for their incredible enthusiasm for this sponsorship, and their willingness to join forces with us in the growth and development our students’ skills and future prospects. We look forward to continuing to nurture this relationship with Xneelo as our preferred hosting provider for all Academy of Digital Arts projects.

Together, we’ll make sure our students and their work are ready to take the digital industry by storm.