I want to study_


I love design and illustration and have a knack for creative problem solving. I’m looking to build a solid foundation of fundamental design principles and learn how to apply them to create innovative logos, adverts, brochures, book covers, layouts and more. 

Web Design
& Development

I have a passion for design and a fascination with the technical skills of coding. I’m looking to develop both these abilities and learn how to pair them to build slick and functional websites with intuitive user interfaces and gorgeous front-end design. 

Game & Interactive
Media Development

So much more than just a gamer, my world revolves around conceptual thinking, creative expression and technology. I’m looking to expand these skills and learn how to conceptualise, plan and produce professional games, and leverage emerging technologies like augmented reality. 


I’m a born artist with a flair for drawing and digital painting. I’m looking to sharpen my fundamentals and design skills, as well as learn new ways to use technology to enhance my creations for a career in concept art and related industries.

Academy of Digital Arts - Higher Education in Creative Fields