Top 5 Graphic Design Trends

This year is proving to be another exciting year for design. Graphic design trends are constantly evolving – there is a huge shift in design thinking and how it’s being experienced. This inspires graphic designers to push the boundaries and help influence some of the trends we have grown to know and love.

Let’s take a look at some of the top five design trends that are hitting the sweet spot now:

Bold and minimal

Big brands compete for our attention on a daily basis. A bold approach to colour, minimal layout and typography helps you stand out from the crowd. Some of the elements you may notice, are the use of bold fonts in spaces that seem endless, to sleek and simple one-colour logo designs. The team at Dixon Baxi did this well in their brand experience design for the Premier League.

Sleek custom fonts

Creating something unique is always challenging, but designing your own font is a great place to start. This not only creates a completely new experience, but also sets your design apart from the rest. Popular brands are also creating their own custom fonts. Take Airbnb, for example: their custom designed font promotes good readability on digital and in print media.

Mixed media – no grid layouts

Yes, the key to any great design is balance. But gone are the days of restrictive grid layouts. Not being restricted by the ‘traditional’ rules allows for new ways to build design layouts. At first glance, these layouts may seem broken, but it creates new balance, harmony, and has global modern appeal. Check out Drobox design’s dribbble account for this inspiring style.

High-end animated video explainers

Any company that sells a product or service should include animated video explainers in their marketing strategy to hook video viewers. Video has the potential to grab viewers’ attention instantaneously. And animated videos offer an amazing new visual experience. What’s more, high-end modern illustrative styles seem to be the order of the day. Check out this cool illustrative style animated explainer that TopLine Film created for Golfbidder.

Gradients are still trendy

Gradients made a huge comeback in 2017 and are still being used alongside stunning typography and photography. When done right this makes for some sophisticated visual effects. Instagram uses it as part of their brand identity. Enrol at Friends of Design and get your graphic design career on track with our great full time graphic design course. We have short courses and online courses to suite your busy schedule.

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