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Your Education, Your Choice: Full-Time Study - On Campus or Virtual!

Length of course: 1 Year
Orientation: 25 January 2025
Course Starts: 29 January 2025
Resulting Qualification: Higher Certificate

Early Bird Price Special: Pay R77 900 if you apply before 31 of July 2023.
Save R8 600 on your 1 years’ tuition.

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Discover the art of visual communication.

Visual communication transcends all languages, nationalities and cultures, conveying powerful messaging through the artful combination of shape and form. This dynamic industry is playing a growing role in a multitude of business sectors, providing skilled graphic designers with a wide array of opportunities to choose from. 

Created specifically to fulfil the skills requirements of this global industry, the Academy of Digital Arts’ Graphic Design Course will equip you with all the creative tools and technical software skills necessary to make your mark from day one.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate through a series of practical briefs, while internalising fundamental design principals and sharpening your creative problem-solving skills.  

We’ll also make sure you’re fully prepared for the professional environment that awaits you, whether you choose to remain within the local industry or explore opportunities abroad.  

Your creative career is waiting – it all starts here! 

Career Opportunities_

Graphic Designer /
Brand Specialist /
Packaging & Product Designer /
Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising Designer /
Digital Designer /
Photo Retoucher & Composite Artist /
Illustrator /
Publication & Book Designer /
Magazine Layout Artist /
User Interface Designer /

Be Skilled.
Be Independent.
Be Agile.
Be Relevant.

Logos & Corporate Identities /
Brand Development /
Marketing Material /
Promotional Campaigns /
Product Packaging & Labels /
Flyers, Pamphlets & Brochures /
Adverts, Posters & Banners /
Invitations & Event Collateral /
Magazines & Book Layouts /
Social Media Posts & Campaigns /

Be Skilled.
Be Exceptional.
Be Creative.

What will you learn? _

Software is an important aspect of design, and you’ll master all the Adobe tools that have become industry standards in your time at the Academy of Digital Arts. However, great design is about far more than just using the right tools to create a pretty aesthetic – it’s about producing striking artwork with a defined purpose that speaks to a specific audience.  

ADA students will learn to master this skill through a series of modules, each introducing specific topics and design challenges to round out your creative understanding.

By the end of the year, you’ll be fluent in the tools, practices, terminology and

techniques used to produce professional print and digital media,

and confident in applying your skills to any creative challenge, from concept to completion. 

You’ll leave our halls ready for the world that awaits you, equipped with a killer professional design portfolio and the confidence to sell your skills in any market.  

Website concepts
& Design Thinking

The ability to think conceptually and design with purpose to fulfil a specific need are fundamental requirements for any creative career. At the Academy of Digital Arts, we’ll teach you techniques and processes for effective conceptualisation and ideation that will become the foundation for every design project in your future career.

Webdesign Principles course
Design Elements
& Principles

Understanding what attracts a viewer to a design is essential for any designer hoping to achieve a specific outcome from a project. During this Graphic Design course, you’ll learn about the elements and principles that create good design and communicate clearly to an audience. You’ll also experiment with the potential of strategic rule-breaking for creating unexpected effects.

Web Software skills
Software Tools
& Technical Skills

Tools and technical skills help designers turn ideas into reality. Without the amazing technology available to us today, we’d never be able to execute the majority of our concepts. You’ll learn the full suite of Adobe tools that have become Graphic Design industry-standards and develop the ability – and curiosity – to keep updating your skills in this dynamic and ever-evolving area.

Webdesign practice
Professional Practice
& Industry Readiness

Understanding business processes is a huge bonus when entering the workplace, enabling you to be a confident and productive member of the workforce from your very first day. Your lecturers, all of whom are active in the industry, will familiarise you with the professional environment and teach you to communicate with your peers in a professional and informed way. This gives you an edge in the workplace and a secret weapon on the job market, too!

Note: Upon completion of this course you will be awarded the Higher Certificate in Print Design and Publishing, NQF-level 5 (SAQA ID 85248, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E002CAN, 152 Credits).

Student work_
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

What are the course requirements?
You must have a valid Matric certificate or NQF4 equivalent. You will also need to complete all the questions and creative pieces requested in the enrolment application form, as well as provide your personal portfolio.

Do you offer Scholarships?
If you have the goods to shine, the “Distinguished Talent Scholarship” programme is for you. One scholarship is awarded to the candidate who most impresses us and shows initiative to achieve their full potential.

Do you offer Bursaries?
Should you require financial assistance, you can apply for a B-BBEE Bursary. Fill out the form provided and we’ll do our best to connect you with potential corporate sponsors.

Geographically Challenged?
If you are not able to join us on our physical campus, we offer the opportunity for you to be a part of our virtual classroom. The same qualification and learning experience, now online.

What are the course fees?
The annual course fee for 2024 is R86 000

Early Bird Price Special
Pay R77 400 if you apply before 30 June 2023. Save R8 600 on your 1 years’ tuition.

2025 Course Fee: R86 000

Various payment options are available, and detailed in the application form, along with our general admin fees.

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