Fund a Student_

Every creative spark deserves an equal opportunity to shine. Be a part of building South Africa's creative economy by funding a student.
Why Fund a Student?

We are on a mission to develop South Africa’s digital design economy. One that has immense potential for not only providing a multitude of job opportunites in new and creative fields, but also developing creative solutions to global and local themes.

Your opportunity lies in fostering this growth. by funding a student, you not only are playing an active role in contributing to our mission. You are also contributing to the creative workforce that could make a difference to your organisation. Sponsoring a bursary is a great way for companies to contribute to their skills development targets in the B-BBEE codes. Under the new proposed targets for skill sdevelopment, a total of 4 points has been set aside for sponsoring bursary students to attend a higher education institutuion like The Academy of Digital Arts.

Who Gets the Bursary?

The Academy of Digital Arts has an amazing talent pool of previously disadvantaged prospect students looking for funding in 2024. We allocate our bursaries based on the students who not only show a great amount of talent and potential in their work, but also, showcase their passion and drive for an industry like ours.

The decision, however, is up to you. Whether you would like us to find a promising young student from our amazing prospective students, fund someone from your own talent pool or funda specific field of interest, we are happy to oblige. For us, the importance lies in creating the opportunity for a budding young student.

Our Promise

The academic philosophy of the school is to be industry driven, cutting edge and relevant. All lecturers are actively working as designers or developers in the industry and hence always know what the industry requires. This knowledge finds entry into the various always know what the industry requires. This knowledge finds entry into the various curricula of the Higher Certificate Programmes while adhering to the standards of Higher Education. Our graduates are renowned for their industry-readiness and employability, and are highly sought-after within the digital arts fields.

Results of annual surveys conducted on the Academy’s alumni students show consistently that 90% of the students find employment within their fields of study within the first 3 months after graduating.

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