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Length of Course: 6 Weeks
Course Price: R7 900

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Next On-Campus Class Starts: 17 April 2023
Next Virtual Class Starts: 17 April 2023
Meet your lecturers_
Schalk Venter HTML Teacher
Schalk Venter

Schalk is a full-time freelancer that works on various personal, commercial and open-source projects. His focus primarily lies within the world of user research, interface design and front-end development. He is also a co-founder and head of operations at Front-end Development South Africa (FEDSA).

Please note all our lecturers work as a team, and are booked based on their independent schedules. As such, course allocations are subject to change.

Pierre is an absolutely fantastic teacher. I started actually using the skills I was learning from day one. It is so encouraging to learn in such a practical manner. Apart from being an awesome teacher, Pierre was great fun to be around!

Carla Turner
Designer, Pomegranite

I would suggest these classes to anyone – the lecturer can teach novices to extremely experienced learners. He has good classroom management skills and maintains open communication with all learners. This was an excellent learning experience for me.

Lester Vermeulen
Designer, Zando

Learn to create responsive, device agnostic websites with the latest HTML & CSS techniques.

Welcome to the world wide web! The internet has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, transcending desktops and extending connectivity to smartphones, tablets, cars, household appliances and other electronics. Accordingly, conventional web design no longer meets the requirements of an increasingly connected society that have demands for responsive flexibility and a great user experience.

In this 6 week course, learners will learn the principles and practice of becoming a modern web developer by taking a device­agnostic approach to web design in order to compete across multiple platforms (i.e. desktops, smartphones, tablets and phablets).

Starting from the very basics, learners will be introduced to the latest versions of HTML and CSS – ­the two core front­end languages of the web – in order to effectively structure information and bring their own visual web designs to life.

By taking part in this course you will gain technical insight about the web design process, learn how to structure a flexible website, handle typography and hierarchies, place images and media, create forms, build layouts and learn to use HTML frameworks (such as Twitter Bootstrap). With latest techniques in CSS3 you will learn how to effectively adapt a web page to multiple device sizes using media queries and enhance the experience with custom typefaces, animations and effects all using little or no JavaScript.

In this course you will learn the following skills:

Working With HTML5 / CSS3 | Working in a web environment | Working with tags | Connecting CSS to HTML | The box model | Web typography | Web color | Static web layout | Basic Menu generation | Working with background images | Advanced CSS selectors | Building forms | Adding basic javascript plugins to HTML

Responsive Design | Understanding responsive design | Responsive layout techniques | Pure CSS responsive menus | CSS filters and effects | Transitions | Transforms | CSS animation | Introduction to Bootstrap

Wrapping It Up | Cleanup | MIN | FTP | Going live

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Course Requirements
If you’re on-campus, you’ll need to know how to use a computer but, other than that, just bring yourself, a notebook and pen. We provide the machines and the software.

If you’re virtual, You’ll need to have a computer and know how to use it. In addition you will also need a stable internet connection.

What do you receive with the course?
You will receive an Academy of Digital Arts Certificate of Completion.

An ADA email address and 1 terabyte of storage.

Course Price: R7 900 per student

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.

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