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Evening Short Course
Length of Course: 5 Weeks
Course Price: R6 900

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Next On-Campus Class Starts: 22 May 2023
Next Virtual Class Starts: 13 March 2023
Meet your lecturers_
Lodi Ingha Adobe Suite teacher
Lodi Ingha

Upon completing a degree in graphic design, Lodi spent many years working on multidisciplinary projects that integrate music, storytelling and animation.

Please note all our lecturers work as a team, and are booked based on their independent schedules. As such, course allocations are subject to change.

Composite and motion graphics are in high demand these days, and there’s no better tool for producing them than Adobe AfterEffects.

During this course you’ll learn how to create top-notch motion graphics, composite various assets into a single video using industry-standard workflows and export the final output to the most commonly-used formats. You’ll also explore design principles relating to graphics and text in motion and discover how to use this versatile medium for maximum effect.

In one of the best adobe after effects course you will learn the following skills:

The Basics | After Effects Workspace | Creating Compositions and Arranging Layers | Basic keyframes and Effects | Keyframe Interpolation | The Graph Editor | Preview

Getting Started With Animation | Animation with Multiple Layers | Introduction to Adobe Bridge | Working with Text Layers | Customising Presets | Previewing a range of frames | Animator Groups | Working with Illustrator | Using style effects | Creating Custom Shapes | Pre-composing

Layer Masking In After Effects | Creating masks and working with Mask Modes | Track Mattes | Chroma Keying | The Roto Brush Tool

Advanced Animation | Introduction to 3D space | Animating Effects | The Puppet Tools | Introduction to DUIK and Character Animation | The Render Queue

Advanced Features | Motion Tracking | Working with Audio | Expressions

Busy doing After Effects with Lodi Paul, what a powerhouse of information and inspirational lecturer. True quality education, knowledge and experience it’s opened my world to another dimension in what’s available in the world of advertising, motion graphics, animation and the like. Thanks Lodi

Grant Cyan Williams

The course and lecturer was great. When I didn’t understand something I could always ask without feeling bad. The way in which the course was conducted was great. My overall experience was good and I will definitely come back.

Stacey Okkers
Group Graphic Designer, Vineyard Hotel

Lovely experience, was patiently and thoroughly taught the essentials of After Effects. The course schedule worked perfectly with my work schedule. Everything was easy to understand and helping assistance was always available.

Diandra Mcpherson
Learning and Development, Old Mutual Finance

I have done short courses at a different institution before and I must say that my experience at the Academy of Digital Arts was infinitely better. The lecturer was great, very informative and always willing to help. Even though I had a very good understanding and a lot of experience in After Effects before the course I found that I learnt a lot regardless and got and even better understanding of the program which is what I wanted to achieve. I actually wish the course had been a week or two longer just to gain more knowledge but I think I’ll have to come back to the Academy of Digital Arts for a different course.

Morgana Marengo
Sneaker Lab
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

Course Requirements: Basic Computer Skills

Students joining this course should have a basic understanding of design applications like Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator.

If you’re virtual, You’ll need to have a computer and know how to use it. In addition you will also need a stable internet connection.

What do you receive with the course?
You will receive an Academy of Digital Arts Certificate of Completion.

Adobe Creative Suite All apps licence for the duration of the course, with the option to buy a 1-year licence at 70% discount.

An ADA email address and 1 terabyte of storage.

Course Price: R6 900 per student

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.

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