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Game & Interactive
Media Development _

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Length of course: 1 Year
Orientation: 13 February 2025
Course Starts: 17 February 2025
Resulting Qualification: Higher Certificate

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Go beyond the boundaries of entertainment.

Game Technology is becoming an important pillar in more and more industries as we explore and expand the applications of this versatile career outside of its traditional boundaries. No longer just about developing games for entertainment or education, Game and Interactive Media Development and its virtual reality and augmented reality techniques can be applied to everything from engineering and architecture to medical science. 

For students, that means a wide variety of potential career paths above and beyond (but never excluding!) the traditional game world.  

During our one-year Game and Interactive Media course, you’ll learn to master the tools and techniques to turn your ideas into reality and hone your abilities in the specialty that pairs best with your particular goals and skillset. Through teamwork and live projects, you’ll gain work experience and build the kind of strong portfolio that is essential when starting out in your career – no matter which direction you decide to take that career in! 

Career Opportunities_

Game Developer /
Game 3D Artist /
Game 2D Artist /
Game Animator /
Game Content Creator /
Game Designer/Producer /
Augmented Reality Developer /
Virtual Reality Developer /
Game Education/Serious Games Specialist /
Game Interface Designer /

Be Skilled.
Be Independent.
Be Agile.
Be Relevant.

Popular Games /
Serious/Educational Games /
Augment Reality Applications /
Virtual Reality Experiences /
Game Characters/Models /
3D Printed Prototypes /
Mobile Games /
Interactive Visualisations /
Interactive Event/Exhibit Installations /
Hardcopy Boardgame/
Tabletop Games /

Be Skilled.
Be Exceptional.
Be Creative.

What will you learn? _

Working on experiences like games, virtual reality or other forms of interactive content is a bit like working on a movie set. Teams of specialists work on various aspects of the production before bringing it all together in a final, cohesive product. 

In this course, you will hone your skills to become one of these specialists, but with a sound insight into all the other development aspects of a game technology project – a truly T-shaped skill set. 

& Planning

The key to every successful game project is a soundly put-together plan. You will be taken through the stages of conceiving a project, designing it and setting up a production plan. As part of this, you will be taught the principles behind game design theory and how to manage and effectively work on a project as part of a larger team.

Gaming course with real projects
Live Projects

During the course of the programme, you will work on several small projects in various areas of production, usually as part of a group. You will find yourself in different roles and become familiar with workflow in the gaming industry .

3D Graphics Course

Although you’ll receive a sound introduction to all the essential production elements of a game project, you will eventually need to choose an area in which you want to specialise. This can be in areas such as design and production, art, scripting, or technology use. You will be expected to develop a personal portfolio piece, working with a mentor, to develop this project as part of your end-of-year industry showcase.

Learn industry relevant gaming skills
Industry Readiness

While this is an introductory course, you should find yourself well on your way to entering the games industry when you leave ADA. To help you make the most of this, we’ll support you in building a solid portfolio of strong and industry-relevant work, and help you establish the right connections within the industry to launch your career.

Note: Upon completion of this course you will be awarded the Higher Certificate in Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment, NQF-level 5 (SAQA ID 93930, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E004CAN, 152 Credits).
Student work_
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

What are the course requirements?
You must have a valid Matric certificate or NQF4 equivalent. You will also need to complete all the questions and creative pieces requested in the enrolment application form, as well as provide your personal portfolio.

Do you offer Scholarships?
If you have the goods to shine, the “Distinguished Talent Scholarship” programme is for you. One scholarship is awarded to the candidate who most impresses us and shows initiative to achieve their full potential.

Do you offer Bursaries?
Should you require financial assistance, you can apply for a B-BBEE Bursary. Fill out the form provided and we’ll do our best to connect you with potential corporate sponsors.

Geographically Challenged?
If you are not able to join us on our physical campus, we offer the opportunity for you to be a part of our virtual classroom. The same qualification and learning experience, now online.

What are the course fees?
The annual course fee for 2025 is R86 000

Early Bird Price Special
Pay R77 400 if you apply before 30 June 2024. Save R8 600 on your 1 years’ tuition.

2025 Course Fee: R86 000

Various payment options are available, and detailed in the application form, along with our general admin fees.

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