Virtual Classes_

The same professional training, now online.
Enjoy top quality, instructor-led courses from anywhere in the world.

The Academy of Digital Arts is proud to offer a new, cutting-edge remote learning experience for students looking to branch out, skill up, or hone their creative techniques with one of our short courses. 

Our live, instructor-ledvirtual classes are capped at 20 students to guarantee the same level of personal attention you’d get in a traditional lecture room, with the same accountability for attendance and participation. This, combined with the convenience and accessibility of online training makes for a powerful and unique learning experience that offers the best of both worlds 

Join our international community of learners – all ages and experience levels welcome – and take your knowledge to the next level, wherever you are. 

It was AWESOME! Interactive, hassle free and personal!

She really made it feel like I was getting loads of personal help and attention and created a fun learning environment despite everything being online. I think I can safely say that most of us actually looked forward to and enjoyed the Zoom sessions

Why it works_
virtual remote classes benefits
Accessible from anywhere

We bring the training to you, anywhere in the world, via our powerful and intuitive digital learning platform and live virtual classes. Join us from the comfort of your own home, office or favourite café.

virtual remote classes benefits
Interactive and personal

Forget pre-recorded classes and one-size-fits-all assignments – our virtual classrooms combine the best of remote learning with live lectures and an interactive group of peers for a unique learning experience, every time.

virtual remote classes benefits
Attendance accountability

Unlike self-paced online courses, our lecturers hold you accountable for attending the live virtual classes. That makes it much easier to follow through on your learning and avoid creativity-killing procrastination.

virtual remote classes benefits
Experienced instructors

Our instructors are all practicing experts in their fields, with decades of experience in the creative industry. Look out for their invaluable “tricks of the trade” to take your skills to the next level.

virtual remote classes benefits
Works on any device

Desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone – you name it, we can work with it. As long as your device is internet-enabled, you can use it to learn with us. (Students will need access to a PC or Mac able to run the Adobe software used in their classes.)

virtual remote classes benefits
No commute, no traffic

Get out of the rat race and save the environment one carbon-footprint at a time. Our remote classes are 100% commute-free and will never put you in rush-hour traffic again.


Get 70% off an Adobe All Apps 1-year licence with the purchase of any Virtual Class Course! Now only R3000 for the full year (excluding course fees)! 

Easy access!_

It’s not just our courses that are streamlined and accessible. Signing up is equally intuitive with our online registration process.

Step 1: Select your course

Browse our remote courses and pick the one that resonates with you.

Step 2: Register

Complete the online registration form and receive your confirmation email. Our team will be in touch to settle the admin and schedule you into your chosen class.

Step 3: Join your Zoom classroom

You’ll receive an invitation to join your virtual classroom via Zoom. All you need to do is click the link.

Step 4: Learn!

Enjoy live access to your instructors and the chance to interact with your classmates. Remote learning has never been this easy, engaging or inspiring before!

The Courses_

We’re always adding new classes to our remote learning offering – keep an eye out for the latest exciting packages available, here. 

Graphic Design_
Adobe Illustrator Courses and Classes
Adobe Illustrator

4 Weeks | Software Training

Adobe InDesign Courses and Classes
Adobe Indesign

4 Weeks | Software Training

Adobe Photoshop Courses and Classes
Adobe Photoshop

4 Weeks | Software Training

Adobe Suite Graphic Design Portfolio Builder Course
Portfolio Building

4 Weeks | Technical Training

Adobe Suite Courses and Classes
DTP Package

3 Months | Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Adobe Suite Courses and Classes
Portfolio Package

4 Months | Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Portfolio Building

Web Courses_
UX Design

4 Weeks | Technical Training

Figma & UI Design

4 Weeks | Technical Training

HTML / CSS & Responsive

6 Weeks | Technical Training

Introduction to JavaScript

4 Weeks | Technical Training

WordPress Fundamentals

3 Weeks | Technical Training

Front-end Package

18 Weeks | UX, UI & Figma, HTML / CSS & Responsive and JavaScript

Web Fundamentals Package

13 Weeks | UX, UI & Figma and HTML / CSS & Responsive

Full Web Package

22 Weeks | UX, UI & Figma, HTML / CSS & Responsive, JavaScript and WordPress

Film Editing_
Adobe Premiere Pro

4 Weeks | Software Training

Adobe AfterEffects

5 Weeks | Software Training

Writing for Design

2 Weeks | Technical Training

3D Modelling & Animation

6 Weeks | Software Training

Customised for corporates.

Looking for something specific to fire up your workforce? 
Collaborate with us to build your own remote professional training package to upskill your team in the office or in the comfort of their own homes. 

Academy of Digital Arts Short Courses