Creating and connecting through crisis

The Academy of Digital Arts’ plan of action for Covid-19 

As the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic sweeps through the world with devastating effect, the arts have never been more important in keeping us sane and connected.  

As such, the Academy of Digital Arts is committed to continuing to nurture and develop our students’ creative skills, no matter what curveballs this strange new world we are living in throws at us. 

Campus update 

While our Cape Town campus officially closed early for Easter break on 16 March, we have been hard at work making preparations to resume lectures on 14 April via remote learning. 

Once we are allowed to return to campus, rest assured that the premises have been cleaned for everyone’s safety, despite no known cases of coronavirus amongst our staff or student body.  


Should an extended lockdown or social distancing legislation prevent us from joining together in person, we have put in place an eLearning system to keep our students on track for their academic year.  

Thankfully, our lecturers have experience working via eLearning on some of our short courses and corporate learning packages. This has set us in good stead to be able to offer the same level of excitement, inspiration, support and motivation in our learning environment, no matter how physically distant our staff and students may be. 

Student access to equipment and internet 

In the event that we are forced to transition to our eLearning system, we ask that all students ensure they have access to the necessary hardware (computers), software and a stable internet connection by 14 April. 

We are aware that this may not be easy for all our students and are ready to offer assistance wherever possible. 

We have handed out computers to students in need and have given some students access to the internet with data packages before the lockdown period had commenced 

If you need any additional help, please contact your lecturer via telephone or email as soon as possible. 

Partnerships and events 

A big part of the Academy of Digital Arts experience is the chance to participate in the amazing creative partnerships and events that we facilitate. This year will be slightly different on that front – some events will be delayed to the end of the year, and others to early next year, communications, video and other interactive content will be made available, to keep you as excited and engaged as possible.  

2020’s students will still have every opportunity to showcase their skills to a wide and exciting audience, from My Future 4.0 to Playtopia we’ll keep you abreast of the latest updates on how these events are proceeding. You can also follow their individual social media pages to see all the news as it happens. 

Open days 

Early Bird Open Day in April was cancelled, but rest assured that next month’s Early Bird open day will continue as planned on 16 May, be it in person or online, in the event or possibility that lockdown is extendedIf you send your application and small admin fee before 30 June, you qualify as an “Early Bird”, and save over R 10 000 on your tuition for 2021. 

Graduation 2020 

We are privileged to be in a technologically advanced and adaptable industry that can accommodate changes like remote learning with relative ease. This means we are capable and committed to ensuring the Class of 2020 receives the same quality of education on the same schedule as always.  

Not only will the graduation ceremony take place as normal, but we are also extremely confident that our students will be even more prepared to enter the workforce than ever before, having overcome the challenges that this year has brought. 

We look forward to celebrating their triumph over adversity and watching them thrive as they head out into the industry.  

In the meantime, let’s get creative and make this year an epic one, together. 

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