Game the system: using Skills Development to tap into emerging trends

Interactive media and serious gaming are becoming more and more prevalent in the business environment as corporates realise the extraordinary power of this non-traditional approach to training, collaboration and demonstration.

Simulated environments leveraging “game” technology like 3D modelling, artificial intelligence and virtual reality provide rich, consequence-free and relatively low-cost training experiences. They can be used for skills acquisition and development, the reinforcement of key workflows and processes and the improvement of critical abilities like situational decision-making. These capabilities are particularly valuable in high stakes operations like mining, engineering and medicine, but can be equally useful in other industries, from consulting to construction.

The use of collaborative game elements can also teach and strengthen cooperative processes, while immersive experiences make complex learning material more approachable and easier to retain.

Together, these benefits make the strategic application of game technology and interactive media the ideal way to enhance staff performance and create a competitive edge. Unfortunately, few businesses in South Africa have access to the necessary skills to take advantage of this potential. With the careful use of Skills Development contributions, however, it’s possible to not only improve B-BBEE scores, but also create a highly employable pool of talent able to help your organisation tap into this emerging field.

Recent changes to the B-BBEE codes mean organisations can now score up to 4 points for sponsoring bursaries for black students at higher education facilities. An additional 6 points are up for grabs for providing learnerships, apprenticeships and internships for black people, with up to 5 more points on offer if those interns are hired afterwards.

That makes it possible for organisations to significantly boost their B-BBEE scorecard by sponsoring black students to study Game and Interactive Media Development – a one-year Higher Certificate course at the Academy of Digital Arts. More points can be earned by allowing graduates to intern in your company, and then hiring the most promising candidates to form an in-house interactive media department.

It’s literally never been easier – or more beneficial – to build the skills your business needs to succeed.

Academy of Digital Arts bursaries for 2022 are now in development. Organisations looking to make strategic use of their Skills Development contributions are urged to get in touch as soon as possible. Ask us about our professional training packages for further B-BBEE benefits.