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Year Incubator Programme _

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This program is designed specifically for students who have completed the Higher Certificate in Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment at the Academy of Digital Arts, however students with a similar qualification, knowledge, and skill set are also welcome to apply.

Length of programme: 1 Year
Programme Starts: 6 May 2024
Programme Outcome: Certificate of Completion
Welcome to our one-year Game Production Programme!

This programme has been designed for students with a game development focus. You need knowledge or a specialization in basic coding, game engines, 3D graphics skills or other combinations of game development skills to benefit from this amazing incubator. You will gain hands-on experience in team-based game creation, from concept to publication. Enhance your expertise and boost your CV with an officially published and worldwide available game title.

Level up your game development career with us!
Throughout this immersive journey, you’ll experience the invaluable benefits of practical, hands-on experience. Working collaboratively in teams, you’ll embark on a complete game development project, starting from scratch and taking it all the way to a polished and fully playable title. You will gain in-depth practical experience, advanced skills in your

specialized areas of game development, and insights into the business side of the
The programme culminates with the goal of publishing the game, providing all students with a tangible achievement for their CVs and a competitive edge when it comes to actual work experience as they embark on their careers in the game development field.

Join us for an exciting year and a team experience that will jumpstart your career into the international world of game development and interactive media development.

What will you gain?_

  • An officially published game title on your CV, increasing your chances of getting employed – with the documentation to prove your participation as a member of the development team’s department that you have worked with.

  • Deeper game production experience in general, more practice and advanced knowledge in your field of specialization.

  • General workshops in production management, project budgeting, testing procedures, social media marketing basics, professional communication skills, and more.

  • Topic-oriented workshops in the different development departments. These will cover areas like coding, animation, visual language, texturing, game engines, etc. to delve deeper into your field of specialization.

  • Long-term teamwork experience in a real development environment

Be Skilled.

Be Exceptional.

Be Creative.

Project Work

The participants of this programme will work as a game development team on a game through all the different production phases. The team will consist of different departments, just like a real-world development team does. Based on what you have specialized in, you will be placed in the beginning of the year and work with your department and the rest on the team on the project for an entire year.

The departments will work on campus, joined online by remote team members, 5 days a week from 1pm to 5pm.

The production team will go through all necessary steps from pre-production to final product and publishing.

You will be mentored by lecturers and the project lead will be an experienced mentor that makes sure everything works as planned.


The general and specialized workshops will happen throughout the year when the additional knowledge becomes relevant in the project.

The workshops are compulsory for the team members and will happen during the project time as a break from working on the project. They can last from a day to an entire week.

General workshops are compulsory for all participants from all departments.

Specialized workshops are compulsory for the specific department members but can also be joined by members from the other departments.

The Project Goal

The goal of the incubator project is to publish a game on known game publishing platforms.

The game will be available for free to an international audience.

The game will make sure that gamer’s understand that this game was created by talented young South Africans to generate more interest in the South African and African game development scene.

Facts, Figures and FAQ.

What are the programme requirements?
As this is not part of a strictly educational programme there is no degree or matric needed in order to apply. Former students of our Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment course can simply apply using the application form. Participants that that have not studied with us will have to fill out a questionnaire and send in a portfolio that proves their knowledge and skillset. If you have a degree from another institution, please provide a certified copy of that document.

Geographically Challenged?
If you are not able to join us on our physical campus, we offer the opportunity for you to be a part of our virtual classroom. The same qualification and learning experience, now online.

What are the programme fees?
The annual programme fee for 2024 is R43 000, and includes a year licence for the Adobe Creative Suite.

2024 programme Fee: R43 000

Various payment options are available, and detailed in the application form, along with our general admin fees.

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