Web Design & Development_

Specialising in
Length of course: 1 Year
Orientation: 26 January 2023
Course Starts: 30 January 2023
Resulting Qualification: Higher Certificate
Enter the world of front-end coding and learn to build functional digital experiences

If you’re a logical thinker and have an aptitude for problem-solving, then welcome to your domain – digital development! Websites, apps and other digital platforms have quickly become the beating heart of many businesses and brands, and none of it would be possible without the talented people versed in a variety of coding languages.

So, if you’re looking to build the skills and talent to produce functional, industry- standard compliant, interactive digital experiences using established tools, processes and techniques, then you’ve come to the right place

In our Development track, we will take you from strategising and managing development projects, to producing output-ready works in HTML&CSS, JavaScript, CMS Systems such as WordPress and PHP, and even equip you with some essential business and industry insights.

So, if you are looking at starting a career that is filled with problem solving
obstacles, routed in coding and function, this is the specialisation for you!

Career Opportunities_

Front-End Web Developer/
App Developer /
JavaScript Developer /
Digital Experience Developer /

Be Skilled.
Be Independent.
Be Agile.
Be Relevant.

Functional Web Platforms /
Experiential Websites /
eCommerce Websites /
Apps /
Marketing Collateral /

Be Skilled.
Be Exceptional.

What will you learn? _

When it comes to designing for digital platforms such as websites and apps, those able to combine their creative skills with strategic, analytical thinking are worth their weight in gold!

With this in mind, this web design course is geared towards helping you develop that magical combination by integrating practical understanding of how your users think, with conceptual know-how and a great eye for layout and design.

And, as the digital fields are always evolving and expanding, we’ll make sure you’re well versed in staying up to date on industry-standard tools, tricks and procedures, and have all the problem-solving skills you need to become a life-long learner!

Strategic Thinking & Planning

In this course, students will gain a deeper understanding into the theories, methodologies and tools used to plan, prep, archive and share their various projects and developmental stages or branches. They will also gain insights into how to project manage, schedule tasks and work collaboratively as a team.


Coding and development languages form the backbone websites and apps. When specialising in development you will be introduced to the best practices and processes for HTML & CSS, fundamental knowledge and skills in JavaScript and the tools and technologies needed to effectively begin developing and launching Content Management and eCommerce websites.


The web, app and digital development field is constantly changing, so a foundation in programming languages is essential if you’re going to be able to grow and adapt over the course of your career. We’ll teach student all the fundamental theory and principles they need, as well as the practical skills to confidently build seamless, functional and interactive standards-compliant websites, starting with an introduction to programming languages and logic, and JavaScript.

Industry Readiness

No Academy of Digital Arts course would be complete without us fulfilling our promise to focus on making our students industry-ready. You’ll be taught by lecturers still active in the field, who will help you understand the necessary procedures and processes used in the workplace, and teach you those vital ‘soft skills’ that you’ll need to professionally interact with clients and colleagues.

Note: Upon completion of this course you will be awarded the Higher Certificate in Web Publishing and Interactive Media, NQF-level 5 (SAQA ID 88182, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E003CAN, 152 Credits).

Student work_
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

What are the course requirements?
You must have a valid Matric certificate or NQF4 equivalent. You will also need to complete all the questions and creative pieces requested in the enrolment application form, as well as provide your personal portfolio.

What are the course fees?
The annual course fee for 2023 is R76 800, and includes a year licence for the Adobe Creative Suite.

Early Bird Price Special
Pay R65 000 if you apply before 30 June 2023. Save R11 800 on your 1 years’ tuition.

2023 Course Fee: R76 800

Various payment options are available, and detailed in the application form, along with our general admin fees.

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Do you offer Scholarships?
If you have the goods to shine, the “Distinguished Talent Scholarship” programme is for you. One scholarship is awarded to the candidate who most impresses us and shows initiative to achieve their full potential.

Do you offer Bursaries?
Should you require financial assistance, you can apply for a B-BBEE Bursary. Fill out the form provided and we’ll do our best to connect you with potential corporate sponsors.

Geographically Challenged?
If you are not able to join us on our physical campus, we offer the opportunity for you to be a part of our virtual classroom. The same qualification and learning experience, now online.

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Academy of Digital Arts - Higher Education in Creative Fields

Be Skilled. Be Exceptional. Be Creative. Be Independent. Be Agile. Be Relevant. Belong.

Meet your lecturers_
Kerry Hugill - Web Design & Development Course
Kerry Hugill

Head of Web.
From design and illustration, to web and digital media, Kerry's career has spanned a wide range of creative fields and industries. These she brings together with a passion for understanding human nature and brand development.

Kate Hilson - Graphic Design Teacher
Kate Hilson

UI Lecturer.
Over the years Kate came to realise she loves some logic mixed in with a little creativity, but hates to code. So, today, you will find her working in UX / UI, feeding her work to the strong and brave developers of the world! #notafanofcoding.

Dominic Roberts - Graphic Design teacher
Dominic Roberts

Design Lecturer.
Graphic Design teacher. Dominic is Experienced Graphic/Digital Design Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Strong focus on Branding, Logo Design, Editorial/Print and Packaging/Label design. Skilled in Creativity, Software, Time Management and Mindfulness. Passionate professional with a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) focused in Graphic Design from NMMU.

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