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You don’t have to be on campus to be part of our tribe. You can join any of our full time courses as virtual student. Sign up for our next virtual open day to learn more

Academy of Digital Arts - Higher Education in Creative Fields

Learn about the Academy from home!

Whether you are geographically challenged or just prefer working in your own space, our virtual open day is for prospective students looking for the convenience of studying remotely.

Join us from your computer or phone at home for a short presentation on virtual learning followed by a question and answer session.

What is covered during a virtual open day at Academy of Digital Arts?

During the roughly 45 minute session we will talk about a series of topics that are important to anyone who is thinking about the further education of their children or themselves.

What is the Academy of Digital Arts?

What are we about? What is our philosophy when it comes to teaching? How long have we been around? Who are the teachers?

What courses do we offer?

An overview of the content and purpose of our full time courses. Which is the best one to get you started in the career of your dreams?

How good are our students after one year?

See work created by students and alumni after studying with us. Get a sense of where you could be this time next year.

What about career options?

Once you’ve studied you may want to start your career. We discuss how we get you there and which industries will be interested in your skillsets and knowledge.

Take a look behind the scenes

Get a sense of what life is like on campus. Behind the scenes videos of our students working on projects, hanging out and enjoying the campus.

How to apply?

Thinking of joining us next year? We explain the process and what is required to successfully apply.

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Academy of Digital Arts - Higher Education in Creative Fields

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