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Next Course Begins: 15 March 2021
Length of Course: 4 Weeks
Adobe Photoshop Classes and Courses

The same professional training, now online.

Our live, instructor-led, virtual classes are capped at 20 students to guarantee the same level of personal attention you’d get in a traditional lecture room, with the same accountability for attendance and participation. This, combined with the convenience and accessibility of online training makes for a powerful and unique learning experience that offers the best of both worlds.

Interactive and personal.
Forget pre-recorded classes and one-size-fits-all assignments – our virtual classrooms combine the best of remote learning with live lectures and an interactive group of peers for a unique learning experience, every time.

Meet your lecturers_
Adobe Suite Lecturer and Instructor
Markus van der Westhuizen

Freelance lecturer and designer with 22 years in the industry and still loving it.

Adobe Suite Lecturer
Lodi Ingha

Upon completing a degree in graphic design, Lodi spent many years working on multidisciplinary projects that integrate music, storytelling and animation.

Sketch and UI Design Lecturer
Dimitris Broad

Dimitris completed his studies in Marketing, Visual Design and Digital Design. He is currently a part time lecturer and UI/UX designer for a app development agency.

Please note all our lecturers work as a team, and are booked based on their independent schedules. As such, course allocations are subject to change.

Good paced course. I had fun learning and participating in this course.

Jan Binder
Course Attendee

The lecturer had a great sense of humour, passion for his subject, knowledge and interesting inclusion of discussion of other forms of design.

Kelly Dorrington
Course Attendee

The lecturer is great! Very knowledgable and had good insight and experience to share with us.

Andrea Morgan
Course Attendee

All in all a great learning experience and definitely money well spent.

Karien Tolmie
Course Attendee
Adobe Photoshop Classes and Courses
Master the world’s most advanced image manipulation software!

Adobe Photoshop is a multi-purpose application for creating artwork suitable for both screen and print graphics. It is a primarily used for the creation and manipulation of pixel-based images, for instance in editing high detail photographs. Photoshop can be used for practically anything image related, which includes photo manipulation, image retouching and correction, special effects, digital illustrations or the creation of artwork starting with a blank canvas. Its uses extend from altering a facial expression or body shape, to creating a user interface or buttons for the web.

In this course, not only will you learn the Photoshop essentials, but some unique insights as to what you can achieve combining the various tools you learn. On its completion, you should feel comfortable using the software to edit and manipulate your own images as well as be able to create your own art. In a graphic design environment, Photoshop forms an essential part of the print design suite which includes Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat, although is also extensively used in a variety of different industries, wherever images need to be processed. It is considered by many to be one of the most popular products in the Adobe range.

In this course you will learn the following skills:

The Basics | Vector vs. Bitmap | The Toolbox & Photoshop Environment | Workspaces | Resolution & Colour Modes | Creating New Documents | Using Guides

Editing Documents & Working With Layers | Image & Canvas Size | Introduction to Layers | Moving, Transforming & Duplicating | Merging & Flattening Layers | Opacity & Blending Modes | Selections
Design Elements | Working with Colour | Objects & Shapes

Image Correction |  The Clone Stamp Tool | The Healing Brush Tools | The Red Eye Tool | Content Aware Fill | The Patch & Content Aware Move Tools | Blurring and Sharpening | Burning & Dodging | Straightening Images | Adjustments & Masks
Working With Text | Point Type and Paragraph Type | Changing Text Attributes | Creating and Using Type Masks | Warping Text | Text on a Path | Character & Paragraph Styles | Rasterizing Type

Cool Features & Final Thoughts | Filters & Styles | Liquify | Puppet Warp | Creating Batches | Saving, File Formats | Exporting for Web

Facts, Figures and FAQ.

Course Requirements: Basic Computer Skills and stable internet connection.

You’ll need to have a computer and know how to use it. In addition you need a stable internet connection. The course includes a licence for the Adobe Creative Cloud software for the duration of the Course. You can also opt to buy a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps licence at a 70% discount.


What do you receive at the end of the course?

You will receive an Academy of Digital Arts Certificate of Completion.

Adobe Creative Suite All apps licence for the duration of the course, with the option to buy a 1-year licence at 70% discount.

An ADA email address and 1 terabyte of storage.

2021 Course Schedule

15 March – 7 April
7 June – 30 June
30 August – 22 September
22 November – 15 December

Monday – Wednesday, 18h00 – 20h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.

Cost: R6 600

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