Using Skills Development to change the world (wide web)

As the world becomes increasingly digital, a strong online presence has become an essential business tool. Organisations leveraging technology to curate value-adding digital experiences for their clients and customers typically enjoy a significant competitive edge.

Getting this right isn’t easy, though. It takes real skill to design user experiences that are intuitive, engaging and effective, and bring them to life in the form of attractive and resilient websites that work across all the platforms and devices in common use.

To make things even more challenging, the technology landscape is constantly evolving, so a solution that works perfectly today could well be obsolete tomorrow. Staying on top of these changes offers undeniable advantages, but it’s also an expensive exercise for those outsourcing their web design and development.

Thankfully, there is a way to access these critical skills more sustainably with the additional benefit of contributing to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities and adding valuable points to your B-BBEE scorecard.

By sponsoring qualifying students to study Web Design and Development through an accredited tertiary institute like the Academy of Digital Arts, employers can gain inside access to a pool of industry-ready graduates in as little as a year.

Strategic partnerships with the Academy are also available to familiarise students with your organisation and its challenges through real-world projects. As a result, students can graduate ready and able to make a genuine contribution to your business from day one – your very own, in-house, web design and development experts.

If adding these skills to your business arsenal isn’t enough on its own, bursary programs can also earn organisations up to 4 B-BBEE points. Another 6 points can be added by providing follow-up internships to graduates, with 5 bonus points available if you hire those interns permanently, afterward.

Assuming they’re from the Academy of Digital Arts, we’re willing to bet you’re going to want to hang on to those interns, regardless of their B-BBEE status. Our graduates are renowned in the industry for their skill, creative maturity and professional readiness.
If you don’t snap them up, someone else will!

Academy of Digital Arts bursaries for 2022 are now in development. Get in touch to find out more about putting your Skills Development contributions to strategic use, or to discuss a live project partnership exposing students to the creative challenges of your organisation.