The future of jobs is changing rapidly

The future of jobs is changing rapidly.
The global entertainment industry has undergone a transformative boom over the years taking influence from the ever-evolving media landscape, advancements in entertainment technologies, and the ‘gamer kids’ of thirty years ago – who have raised tech-savvy children of today.

Together, this new generation actively embrace digital entertainment and are at the forefront of shaping the industry’s evolution.

We are seeing a new industry standard influenced by interactive media and apps – and the list of this trend is broadening its reach into is only getting longer. It can be seen almost anywhere, from games for computers, consoles and mobile phones, to augmented reality apps in marketing communications and museums, virtual reality in job training, home entertainment and even in the medical field.

And it won’t stop there! The creation and impact of the “Metaverse” have generated an even greater demand for the development of these innovative apps. Additionally, it will create more job opportunities for well-trained artists and developers in the years to come.

Cape Town – The South African Game Hub
This year, Cape Town played host to two significant game industry events on the continent: Africa Games Week 2023 and Playtopia 2023. These gatherings not only attract game developers from across Africa — spanning from Tunisia to South Africa, and from Kenya to Zambia — but also draw international companies from Europe, the United States, and Asia.

The quality of games and apps showcased, along with the increasing number of companies participating in these events, is on the rise each year. The academy takes pride in being a part of these occasions, where we can showcase our students’ talents and the excellence of our courses on an international stage annually. The connections and partnerships that evolve from these events play a crucial role in helping our students embark on meaningful careers.

Experts and Creatives are needed
Take a glance at your phone’s app screen. Behind each icon, including the icon graphic, lies an app or game developed by a team of experts compensated for their work, skills, and knowledge. In the upcoming years, many of these will be created by Africa-based developer teams. Our game alumni students have already contributed to international projects or secured positions with companies in Europe and the USA

The demand for well-trained career starters will continue to rise as more industries, both national and international, develop increasingly sophisticated interactive media applications relying on game technology.

A Career in Game Technology and Game Development – what does it take?
Restricting your potential by confining you to a particular job description is not our MO; the days of training students for a specific job description are long gone.

Instead, we impart the skills and knowledge that empower you to excel in any industry where these abilities are actually in demand.

In order to thrive in environments, such as game development teams or teams dedicated to interactive media app creation, you need a solid grasp of tool fundamentals, teamwork dynamics, and the ability to leverage your basic and specialized knowledge for researching emerging technologies.

These skills are rooted in foundational principles common across these fields.

When applying for industry positions, your portfolio takes centre stage. Major companies like Google, LinkedIn, and even recruitment agencies often prioritize degrees of qualifications for most developer and creative media roles. Therefore, it’s crucial that you showcase your creative capabilities, detailing the projects you’ve contributed to and more.

We believe in learning by applying new knowledge and gaining insights from mistakes. Throughout the year, your assignments will contribute to building a robust portfolio. This includes your specialization project, collaborative game development projects, and the client project towards the end of the year.

This is why our courses are designed with a strong industry focus, emphasizing practical learning – and the professional feedback we’ve received for our game students has been exceptionally positive.

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