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Length of Course: 6 weeks
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Monday – Wednesday, 17h30 – 20h30

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Diversify your design skills by learning the art of 3D modelling and animation

3D Modeling and 3D animation are valuable additions to any creative’s portfolio.

This technology has become an integral part of a lot of diverse industries over the past decade.

From a graphic designer creating logos and animated graphics, architects turning floorplans into flythroughs of future buildings, engineers creating 3D printed prototypes, interactive media designers creating interactive VR experiences, and many more – having employees being able to use these tools enabled a lot of industries to raise the bar in terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness, production value, and target audience appeal.

The versatility of virtual 3D models is the main reason why this technology has found its way into so many areas. Its applications range from rendering animated video clips and entire movies, rendering photo-realistic stills of buildings or products for websites, creating 3D models of engines for simulations, creating assets for a metaverse environments, creating avatars for virtual reality experiences, entire cities for a videogame project to 3D printing prototypes or ready-to-use machine parts – even entire houses.

All of those applications of 3D modelling are based on the same principles. Take your career a step further by learning and understanding the basics of those principles.

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