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Next Course Begins: 15 March 2021
Length of Course: 4 Weeks
Adobe Indesign Layout and Design
Meet your lecturers_
Sketch and UI Design Lecturer
Dimitris Broad

Dimitris completed his studies in Marketing, Visual Design and Digital Design. He is currently a part time lecturer and UI/UX designer for a app development agency.

Adobe Suite Lecturer
Lodi Ingha

Upon completing a degree in graphic design, Lodi spent many years working on multidisciplinary projects that integrate music, storytelling and animation.

Adobe Suite Lecturer and Instructor
Marcus van der Westhuizen

Freelance lecturer and designer with 22 years in the industry and still loving it.

Please note all our lecturers work as a team, and are booked based on their independent schedules. As such, course allocations are subject to change.

Adobe Indesign Layout and Design
Learn to create visually stunning and functional layouts with Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign is best described as a long document application that makes creating complex documents an easy task. In a graphic design setting, InDesign seamlessly integrates photo manipulations and vector art created in Photoshop and Illustrator and can be considered not only as software that assembles them, but also as an independent layout package on its own. InDesign can be used for small and large projects. It is simple enough to generate posters or business cards, but is powerful enough to layout books or magazines, as well as set them up for reproduction.

Although InDesign features a host of tools aimed towards publishing for print, it is also fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the electronic publishing and web fields, and is no longer only used for print materials. Features like styles, preflighting and master pages are what make Adobe InDesign such a powerful long document application. In this course, not only will we cover the InDesign essentials, but some specialised tricks of the trade presented by an experienced lecturer. On its completion, you should not only be comfortable using InDesign to layout your documents, but have some insight into interactive design and have a foundation going into development for devices such as smartphones and iPads.

In this course you will learn the following skills:

The Basics | Getting Started | The InDesign Environment | Vector vs Bitmap | Creating New Documents | Using Guides

Design Elements | Working with Colour | Creating & Manipulating Objects | Working with Strokes | Managing & Importing Art | Advanced Object Creation | Effects & Styles

Working With Text | Creating & Modifying Type | Threading | Special Characters | Type & Images on a Path | Tabs | Create Outlines | Text Wrap | Text Frame Options | Find/Change | Check Spelling | Bullets & Numbered Lists | Tables

Effects & Styles | Character & Paragraph Styles | Object Styles | Table Styles & Cell Styles | Effects Panel Overview | Effects | The Gradient Feather Tool | Quick Apply

Pages & Masters | Pages | The Gap Tool | Master Pages | Long Document Creation

Interactive Design | Basic Animation & Page Transitions | Buttons & Forms | Exporting

Final Thoughts | Preparing for Output | Saving & Exporting | Repro Basics

Interactive, fun and confident. The course was loaded with information and ideas.

Elizabeth von Hollstein
Course Attendee

I greatly enjoyed that the lecturer offered ‘industry secrets and tricks’.

Kelly Dorrington
Course Attendee

The lecturer is great! Very knowledgable and had good insight and experience to share with us.

Andrea Morgan
Course Attendee

All in all a great learning experience and definitely money well spent.

Karien Tolmie
Course Attendee
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

Course Requirements: Basic Computer Skills

You’ll need to know how to use a computer but, other than that, just bring yourself, a notebook and pen. We provide the machines and the software.


What do you receive at the end of the course?

You will receive an Academy of Digital Arts Certificate of Completion.

Adobe Creative Suite All apps licence for the duration of the course, with the option to buy a 1-year licence at 70% discount.

An ADA email address and 1 terabyte of storage.

2021 Course Schedule

15 March – 7 April
7 June – 30 June
30 August – 22 September
22 November – 15 December

Monday – Wednesday, 17h30 – 20h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.


Cost: R6 600

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