Digital Artist

Job Title: Digital artist

Level: Any
Salary: Remuneration will be commensurate with profits in proportion to the % share on offer in the company/project. This percentage share, and any other remuneration will be discussed in person. Bear in mind that a project like this has enormous profit potential, given that our second project aims to exceed profits of the first exponentially. A fully detailed contract will therefore be provided but will oblige you to complete the project in order to unlock your percentage of the profits. We therefore emphasise that we will need your total commitment to the project with respect to seeing all the artworks through to completion.

Type: Freelance

Start Date: Immediate

Job Description

We are looking for a digital artist, preferably based in the Cape Town area to join our team as a partner/shareholder for a second successful nft project to work remotely/from home. Regular meetings online and in person will be conducted. Create a number of base avatars, accessories and backgrounds that will be used in various combinations to create a large set of individual nft pieces. Secondary functions will include banned ads, web elements and logo design.

The project roadmap has already seen the outline of concept, theme, character descriptions, affiliations with a company specialising in nft project seed capital, technical support, marketing outlets and connections on numerous social media platforms including one of the largest Youtube channels specific to blockchain content. Invaluable knowledge gained from the first project has already provided deep insight into optimal implementation and management of this project, and the inclusion of an interactive web site and exciting utilities, drops, competitions and incentives, positions this project to greatly outperform the first.

This exciting nft project will also support a well-known privately funded children’s hospital that focus on saving the lives of children who come from less favourable circumstances. This element aims to secure endorsements of globally recognised personalities thereby increasing reach and support for the project.

Essential Requirements & Skills

Your knowledge of nfts, generative art, and a quirky talent for off-beat cartoon/anime/realistic anime/character sketching ability will complete this high-level project that takes nft art to the next level.

You must have your own computer and internet connection.

Your ability to work efficiently, provide good interpretation and autonomy will be a determining factor of the time you may need to complete what is required. The project aims to launch at the end of 2022. All the art for the project needs to have been completed by mid-2022.

An essential requirement for this project is that you speak fluent English, and it would be beneficial if you have knowledge of Viking mythology and Viking history.

Your suitability for this project will need to be determined before being offered the position, and we will require you to prove your ability, efficiency, and ability to grasp the concept and subject matter independently.

Contact Details

Please forward CV and portfolio of examples of your work that you feel may best suit the requirements listed above to Mitch Dunn:, or feel free to contact him directly on 082 3213132 for any questions

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