Changing lives is good business

These days, a good B-BBEE score is essential if you’re going to be competitive in the South African market. Most companies put a lot of time and money into meeting their B-BBEE obligations, but few have truly maximized their corporate social investment strategy to support their core business – particularly in the creative fields. 

Developing the creative skills your business needs 

Imagine having access to a talented pool of potential employees with all the necessary aptitudes and training required to excel in their creative roles. Now imagine those employees all come from a BBBEE-eligible background and have an existing, positive relationship with your business or brand. 

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. 

Sponsoring education – or Skills Development – is one of the most powerful tools businesses have to address inequalities in our country while also remedying specific skills shortages in their own industries. It opens up a world of opportunities to build a positive brand image, earn B-BBEE points in the Skills Development category, and increase the pool of talented, highly employable B-BBEE candidates with the skills businesses need. 

Putting the “can” in candidates 

The biggest challenge most businesses face when it comes to implementing a skills development strategy is finding an appropriate educational institution with eligible candidates who have the passion, aptitude and commitment to follow the program through.  

At Friends of Design, we address this need by curating a pool of talented sponsorship applicants who have been preapproved for our B-BBEE-eligible, full-time courses via our rigorous enrolment process. Businesses can then submit their sponsorship and course preferences and be matched with ideal candidates who have what it takes to excel in their chosen fields and future careers.  

Not only does this provide an unprecedented level of control for Skills Development sponsors, it also enables us to maintain our exceptional education standards. As a small, specialist college, we pride ourselves on the skill and employability of our graduates, and our intense, industry-related training sees 90% of our students finding employment within 3 months of graduation. 

For our sponsors, that means taking comfort in the knowledge that their funds are effectively and sustainably changing lives, while also opening the door to a whole new pool of previously disadvantaged talent ready to become valuable and productive members of their workforce. 

Get involved 

If you’re interested in funding a Friends of Design student, supporting change in our country, and providing for your own business’s long-term growth, email today. 

Our qualifying courses include: 

  • Print Design and Publishing (SAQA ID 85248, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E002CAN, 152 Credits) 
  • Web Publishing and Interactive Media (SAQA ID 88182, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E003CAN, 152 Credits) 
  • Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment (SAQA ID 93930, HEQSF-aligned, H/PR432/E004CAN, 152 Credits) 

Visit our full-time courses for more course information or corporate in-house classes for more information on our training. 

Academy of Digital Arts is an accredited private Higher Education Institution (Reg. no 2010/HE07/014).