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Web Design

Using Skills Development to change the world (wide web)

As the world becomes increasingly digital, a strong online presence has become an essential business tool. Organisations leveraging technology to curate value-adding digital experiences for their clients and customers typically enjoy a significant competitive edge. Read More.

Design Thinking

Is your business innovating the right way?

Ever wondered why fresh ideas are so challenging to generate in a business environment? Or why those ideas so often lose momentum or fizzle out altogether somewhere between conceptualisation and actualisation? Finding ways to encourage Read More.

Why Photography is an Important Skill for Designers

The creative industry is a competitive one, and designers are increasingly asked to go above and beyond to fulfil their clients’ needs. One of the most crucial weapons in their arsenal? Photography. Being good behind Read More.

Drawing the line between inspiration and plagiarism

As creatives, it’s our job to take inspiration from everything around us, including the creations of other talented people in and around our field. It’s standard practice to explore other designers’ work when starting a new and exciting project, but it’s also vital to understand where inspiration ends Read More.

10 Common Mistakes Designers Make

Starting out as a designer can be super daunting. With directors looking over your shoulder and fussy clients to answer to, it can be tough not to make mistakes. Even as a seasoned creative, it’s Read More.

A beginner’s guide to making money as a freelance designer

Chat to anyone in a creative field and they’ll likely tell you that if you’re hoping to get rich quick, you probably shouldn’t go into design (uh oh!). We’re certainly not going to argue that Read More.

How to ace a creative job interview

Being a creative means you get to escape a lot of the stuffy corporate stuff that other career paths require, but you still need to know how to ace an interview to land your dream job. Kerry Hugill, Read More.