Nelmari Albertse


Nelamari studied with the Academy of Digital Arts back when it was still known as Friends Df Design. Studying both web design & development as well as Graphic design. She has since developed her CV & skillset to build her very own web & graphic design business.

Below she gives some advice when it comes to navigating the web world and what helped her to get to where she is today.

Nelmari’s take: 

Phew! Where to begin!!!!

So while I was studying at “Friends of Design” – back then, I was so determined to do my utmost BEST! The MANY perks of a half-day class was that I could do some Intern work at a company and grow my skills within the Business world of Graphics and Development.

With that, I have learned that I have a BIG PASSION for the web by building websites and Apps! I worked at a company called OLE!Connect after college for 3-4 years where I fell involve with BE (Backend) work. There I had the chance of working with RAW Data and creating Databases. With that also creating APIs for data transferring.

In the new year (2021) I decided I want to grow even MORE… I made a hard decision to move from my family at OLE!Connect to delve even deeper and got my place here at Digi Outsource. I’m currently doing FE (Frontend) work and loving the chance to create components and beautiful work for international users. And it doesn’t stop there – I too love doing some graphic design work in my spare time as well as Dev work – so I have my own business on the side doing some Freelance work – and oh boy! Love the challenges I get there. This helps me with regards to working with people (Clients) and how to manage them and their projects at hand.

If I could give any tips – Try doing some Intern jobs while you’re studying to get a feel for what may tickle your feathers. This makes the growth somewhat better and faster when you are done with college 😉

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