Photography Workshop_

Weekend Workshop

Next Course Begins: TBC 2020
Length of Course: 2 Days
Take your photography skills further and discover the world of digital cameras

Whether you want to take pristine product pictures for your next marketing campaign, sensational shots for your blog or striking snaps on your next globetrotting adventure – you’ve come to the right place. The Photography Essentials course will teach you the basics of cameras and photography for any purpose.

You’ll hit the ground running in this workshop-like course, which will cover camera basics and tackle crucial concepts like exposure, focus and depth of field on Day 1. On Day 2, you’ll learn about planning your frame, image composition and the use of lens filters to enhance your photos.

While we’re at it, we’ll touch on mobile phone photography and even shooting for Instagram and other social media.

This excellent balance of theory and hands-on exercises, presented to you by an experienced lecturer, will set you on the road to becoming a world-class photographer.

Meet your lecturers_
Lars Espeter

Lars Espeter is a passionate photographer focusing on landscape, nature and street photography among other subjects.

Please note all our lecturers work as a team, and are booked based on their independent schedules. As such, course allocations are subject to change.

I have done short courses at a different institution before and I must say that my experience at Friends of Design was infinitely better. The lecturer was great, very informative and always willing to help. Even though I had a very good understanding and a lot of experience in After Effects before the course I found that I learnt a lot regardless and got and even better understanding of the program which is what I wanted to achieve. I actually wish the course had been a week or two longer just to gain more knowledge but I think I’ll have to come back to Friends of Design for a different course.

Morgana Marengo
Sneaker Lab
Facts, Figures and FAQ.

Course Requirements: Basic Computer Skills

Any type of camera (even mobile phone cameras) you want to use.
For the second day please wear appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions.


What do you receive at the end of the course?
You will receive an Academy of Digital Arts Certificate of Completion showing the Apple and Adobe logos, as well as your details and the details of the course you completed.

You will also receive a 2GB Flashstick, which you can keep after the completion of the course.

2019 Course Schedule

21 & 22 September 2019

Saturdays, 10h00 – 16h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.


Cost: R2 800

Academy of Digital Arts Full Time students will also receive a 15% discount.

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