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Length of course: 1 Year
The only limit is your imagination.

The entertainment design industry is vast and has many avenues to explore as a creative. Concept Art opens the door to any number of opportunities in this industry, including game design, film, animation and illustration. Whether you choose to specialise in one field, or work in all of the above, the Academy of Digital Arts will equip you with all the conceptual and technical skills you need to develop and visualise ideas for use in any industry.

During this one-year course, you’ll learn how to use traditional and digital media to visualise your ideas, and how to enrich those ideas through narrative and world building. You’ll test your skills by creating everything from creatures, characters and props to assets like weapons and vehicles, as well as environments, storyboards and highend illustrations. 

Career Opportunities_

Concept Artist /
Illustrator /
Game Graphics Developer /
Visual Effects Artist /
Comic Book Artist /
Visual Development Artist /
Industrial Designer /

Be Skilled.
Be Independent.
Be Agile.
Be Relevant.

Concept Art for Video Games /
Concept Art for the Film Industry /
Concept Art for the Animation Industry /
Standalone Illustration Work /
Comics and Graphic Novels /
Storyboards /
Your Own Intellectual Property /

Be Skilled.
Be Exceptional.
Be Creative.

What will you learn? _

Concept art is a form of illustration commonly used in the film, video game and animation industries to create, convey and flesh out the conceptual ideas that form the foundation of the final artwork.  

During this course, we’ll teach you the fundamentals of drawing, perspective, anatomy and digital painting, as well as basic photo manipulation and 3D software skills. You’ll learn to design and render objects ranging from simple to complex, characters, creatures and environments, as well as design for storyboarding and high-end illustrations. 

At the end of the year, you’ll get to specialise in one area of study for your final project and assemble an industry-ready portfolio showcasing your unique talents. 

Artistic Fundamentals

Concept Art requires more than just the ability to imagine unique, evocative and purposeful ideas and imagery. It also requires the ability to communicate this imagery in a way that conveys the true depth of your idea. To help you achieve this, we’ll help you develop both your conceptual and technical skills, including the traditional drawing fundamentals of anatomy and perspective and digital skills like digital painting and 3D software.

Planning & Production

There are many techniques concept artists use to refine their ideas into viable concepts and then develop those concepts into fully realised artworks. We’ll introduce you to these techniques and teach you various workflows to take a project from start to finish, while leveraging your core art skills to bring your imagination to life.

Applied Concept Design

Standalone conceptual artworks aren’t the only thing concept artists may be called on to create. Sequential imagery like storyboards and comics are common requests as well. We’ll teach you how to apply your conceptual abilities to sequential applications and develop your illustrations for use on bigger campaigns within game design, film and animation.

Industry Readiness

All Academy of Digital Arts courses are designed with industry-readiness as a primary focus. On graduating from our Concept Art Course, you’ll not only be familiar with the professional environment into which you’ll be heading, you’ll also have the skills, confidence, portfolio and industry contacts to dive into your new career, headfirst

Note: At the end of this course you will receive a non-NQF aligned certificate of completion and statement of your results. It is important to understand that this course is not a Higher Education Programme in terms of the Higher Educational Act 101 of 1997, and thus does not lead to a qualification registered on the SAQA. The aim of the year is further to create an industry-ready portfolio which is essentially your CV in the creative industry.

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Facts, Figures and FAQ.

What are the course requirements?
You must have a valid Matric certificate or NQF4 equivalent. You will also need to complete all the questions and creative pieces requested in the enrolment application form, as well as provide your personal portfolio.

What are the course fees?
The annual course fee for 2020 is R76 800, and includes a year licence for the Adobe Creative Suite.

2020 Course Fee: R76 800

Various payment options are available, and detailed in the application form, along with our general admin fees.

Do you offer Scholarships?
If you have the goods to shine, the “Distinguished Talent Scholarship” programme is for you. One scholarship is awarded to the candidate who most impresses us and shows initiative to achieve their full potential.

Do you offer Bursaries?
Unfortunately we do not currently have bursaries available for Concept Art.

Meet your lecturers_
Andrew Avvakoumides

Head of Concept Art.

Be Skilled. Be Exceptional. Be Creative. Be Independent. Be Agile. Be Relevant. Belong.

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